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Originally Posted by bunkaroo View Post
As I've already said, it affected me in the Chicago metro area. Whether the heat and its relative humidity in other parts of the country where they play baseball had a similar impact, I can't say. I am proof of at least one person who would have attended more games in the summer if it was more comfortable out. I'm guessing there are others who felt the same way, even if it's not a ton of people.
St. Louis is usually hotter than Chicago and they had no trouble drawing 40,000 a game.
Drove up to Chicago back in 2008 and we saw a Saturday afternoon game against the Rays and it was in the mid 90s but there were 36,000 in the park. We also drove up last year and saw the Tigers and Sox on a very hot day and there were 29,000 for a Wednesday afternoon game.
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