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Originally Posted by tebman View Post
The Sox had an agreement in 1986 with Harold Washington's administration to join in a South Loop baseball/football stadium. The Bears didn't want to do it. Talks dragged on and at the same time the Sox were buying property in Addison as a Plan B (or maybe it was Plan A). Then Washington died within a year and threw all the discussions into a cocked hat.

When the Sox pushed hard for a move to Addison, they came with architects' plans ready to go. Looking at the drawings you can clearly see what later became Comiskey Park II/USCF. It was cheaper and quicker to not redesign the park once the 35th Street site was chosen, though the park's design was intended for a suburban cornfield site.

That whole melodrama was a convergence of bad architectural timing (retro ballparks hadn't yet been considered), unlucky political timing (Washington's death, an unfriendly state legislature), and clumsy White Sox public relations (fill in any number of examples here). In the end I'm glad the park is located where it is, but I just wish it had been designed in the first place to be more like the original park. The later USCF remodeling was a huge improvement but they're still stuck with suburban parking lots and too many luxury suites.

An exciting, competitive team is the first priority. Beyond that they need to color outside the lines: Parking lot food carts? Ten-dollar upperdeck seats? CTA discount packages? Reduced-price parking for cars with three or more people? Balloons for the kiddies? What's needed is imagination to go on top of a winning team.
Awesome post! Thanks for the insight! The minutia of it all was a bit before my time. I knew of the Addison plans but had never seen the skeches/mock-ups. I will take original Comiskey II over anything in Addison for certain. But after reading a few articles this afternoon about South Loop plans, it really is sad that politic and happenstance led to a suburban park dropped into a sea of urban parking lots. Oh what could have been!? I do love what the US Cellular renovations have brought and I happily take in as many Sox games as I can attend!! I look forward to what Kenny & Co can and will do this offseason to put a winner on the field!
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