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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post

I wasn't in love with the Liriano acquisition either.

Dempster has allowed 100 baserunners, including 10 home runs, in 69 innings with Texas.

Liriano has allowed 89 baserunners (7 HRs) in 56 2/3 innings with the Sox.

They both have SUCKED.

Liriano was probably a better gamble because A) The price was less and B) At one point in time, he had enough stuff to be a top-of-the-rotation guy in the American League.

Obviously, that acquisition did not work for the Sox. But, frankly, I think Gavin Floyd is a better pitcher than Ryan Dempster. That's lost on a lot of Chicagoans because Dempster looks pretty good when he's going up against weak NL lineups.

No way in hell I would have given up anything more than a bag of balls for Dempster, which is basically what KW gave up for Liriano.
Dempster's stats are padded by a couple of rough starts out of the gate with Texas but I believe for most of the lay two months he's been both consistent and good.

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