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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
In baseball, seeding is a silly thing to be concerned with. Teams play wildly different schedules, and some teams match up better against teams with better records. Hypothetically, if the White Sox were in the postseason, they would match up better against the Yankees than against the A's. Seeding by wins and losses for most teams in most years might as well be random.

This isn't football, where I am guessing every team plays pretty much the same schedule and win-loss record is due to a team's success with nothing to do with some teams having easier or more difficult schedules.
This is basically true, although 2 games are determined by your finish in the previous season:
  • There are 6 games within your division (4 teams per division).
  • There are 4 games shared with your divisional opponents against a division from the opposite conference (rotating each 4 years as there are 8 NFL divisions).
  • There are 4 games shared with your divisional opponents against teams from another division within your conference (rotating every 3 years, as there are 3 other divisions within the conference).
  • That leaves just 2 games determined by finish: you play teams from the other 2 divisions in your conference (not yours, not the one you were already scheduled to play), who finished in the same position you did in the previous season (you finish 3rd, you play a 3rd place team from the previous season).
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