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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
If the Cell had been built in the South Loop I would bet my life they would be drawing alot more people than what they're drawing at the present location. One of the proposed sites for the new White Sox stadium was near Union Station. Everybody would of been better off if the park had been built there. Other cities all over the country have built their stadiums in their downtown areas for a very simple reason. It brings people downtown. Rather than the disaster that Block 37 has become in the Loop, a new baseball stadium would of brought more people downtown. Block 37 might have been more successful after a new stadium was built in the South Loop. Other cities have built their stadiums downtown and after the stadiums are built other businesses follow. It could have easily happened that way in Chicago. Unfortunately it didn't.
The Sox certainly would have been better off, but you're pretty out of the loop (pun intended) if you think downtown Chicago needs a baseball stadium... The census just released some figures that shows Chicago's city center is booming like nowhere else in the country. Growth of the downtown area from 2000-2010 was something like 45+%. 2nd best was New York, who didn't even hit 10% growth.

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