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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post

Not sure what Kenny meant by his statement in that regard.To develop more retail business would taxes or something go up in Bridgeport?

His comment (paraphrasing) about understanding where the people are coming from made me think maybe the neighborhood doesn't want this.

The Sox don't want it, either. You can't build a lively, fun entertainment district with the park as its centerpiece if it's surrounded by empty parking lots. Biggest problem with U.S. Cellular Field is that it's a park designed for the suburbs that got dropped in the city. People make fun of Wrigley for being a bar with a field in the middle of it, but that helps it anchor one of Chicago's most lively entertainment districts, even though it's farther away from the central core than Bridgeport. Sox Park was a soulless, sterile shopping mall with a field in the middle. It was designed to be built in some suburban wasteland like Addison or wherever, not to anchor a thriving urban neighborhood.

Jerry and Rocky are learning this lesson with the United Center, which has absolutely killed gentrification on the West Side, but luckily, Rocky's not a stubborn old man like his dad, and they're starting to chip away at the parking lots in favor of more urban-friendly development.

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