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What I would do:

Let A.J., and Peavy walk unless they are willing to take 2 years at a reasonable price. A.J. really showed his age defensivly this year (passed balls /wild pitches that shouldn't have been).

Let Floyd and Liriano go.


Plan A re-sign Youkilis
Plan B. Sign Cesar Izturis bat him second (yeah I know no power...Its ok we hit over 200 hr's will get it elsewhere).
Plan C. Brent Morel.


Plan A take all the Savings at sign Greinke. Maybe sign one of the following to a modest deal if available as well - Hudson, Villaneuva, Edwin Jackson, Guthrie, Marcum

Plan B sign one of the latter group or James Shields.

Plan C Liriano and/or Floyd.

Catcher -assuming no A.J.

Plan A Brian McCann
Plan B Trade suspect and get some cash from Nationals for Kurt Suzuki.
Plan C Tyler Flower + lH FA.

Trade Thornton maybe in a Package with Dunn and some $ for near major league ready Pitcher...SF and their anemic offense may be a suitor. Nationals? If not a good Deal Dunn stays DH. Dan Johnson/Konerko dh/1b platoon or maybe Viciedo with us aquiring another Of.

Thats my 2 cents
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