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Originally Posted by SI1020 View Post
What information or proof do you need to convince you of anything? This is about as close to a burning bush as you can get. The Sox have made a habit of tanking in the second half in the last decade. Does deconstructionism that is the rage among some mean you have to ignore reality?
As has been pointed out multiple times, looking at one team in a vacuum doesn't tell us much.

Here you go: "The Sox drew 1.9 million customers this season. That's horrible!"

How would I have any appreciation for whether 1.9 million is a godo or bad or average number unless I knew what all the other teams drew?

That was a very basic example, but this is similar.

Another would be Lip's continued "The Sox are hitting XXX with RISP!" all season, but as it turned out, they were at or above the league average. Knowing what they hit with RISP without looking at what all the other teams do for context is just not very informative. It may *sound* like a bad number, but is it?
Ridiculousness across all sports:

(1) "You have no valid opinion because you never played the game."
(2) "Stats are irrelevant. This guy just doesn't know how to win."
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