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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Nobody is talking about anyone getting a hometown discount, there seems to be very little chance Peavy or Youk will find a suitor on the FA market that will pay them what their options for 2013 are worth so they're probably going to have to take a deal that pays them less... Why can't the Sox be the one that does? I haven't heard anything about Youkilis, but Peavy has been pretty clear he likes Chicago and would prefer to come back. Don't know how much truth there is to that, but I think there's at least a pretty good chance he might return unless some other team comes out swinging for the fences. We shall see.
LOL. That's called player speak, they all do it. That's some great logic though. "Maybe we'll be the ones." Youk's pretty awful anyway. I'd rather move Beckham to 3rd and bring Sanchez up. We'd improve defensively, at least. Youk's a statue at this point.

I'm not sure Flowers is currently - or even ever will be - a capable full-time catcher. He strikes out way too much, and his defense leaves something to be desired. The only thing he has on A.J. is a slightly better arm. I wouldn't be opposed to bringing A.J. back.
Flowers is better than AJ at every aspect of defense, including pitch calling. He won't be the hitter AJ is, but I'd be willing to bet he'd stay within .050 OPS of AJ. He also won't show up Peavy, Dunn, Rios and anybody else who he deems to have made a mistake.

Originally Posted by shoota
I'm not counting this homerun or his 3 RBI from today's game because of the game situation. I'm not counting his pinch hit solo homerun in a blowout win in Colorado. In my book, Crede has 2 less home runs than his statistics show, 4 less RBI, and one less walk (the one where he pinch hit for Uribe after coming in with a 3-0 count and taking one pitch).
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