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Originally Posted by DumpJerry View Post
I'm proud of our team this year.

Last time I cried over the Sox was at the conclusion of the game on this day. It does not get more painful than what we experienced that day.
Originally Posted by ChiSoxGirl View Post
The last time I cried over the Sox was on this day. Being that my first memories of the Sox begin in 1989, this was personally the saddest end to a season in my lifetime. They broke my heart this year.
Originally Posted by samurai_sox View Post
When the Rays finished off the Sox in '08 was pretty damn depressing for me.

I remember asking myself, who knows the next time this team will reach the playoffs, and I'm still wondering 4 years later .
Originally Posted by 16th&State View Post
The 93 ALCS for me. Though this season ranks up there for me too now that the season is over and the bitter disappointment is setting in...

Edit: Also, I hope the Tigers get crushed in the playoffs...!!
Originally Posted by harwar View Post
I was on the other side of the planet during that time so i missed the entire postseason, but i had that experience in 93 when we lost to toronto .. it took me a long time to get over that ..
Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
...when my dad took me to a home game in the 1993 ALCS. Despite the loss, I was astounded by the electric crowd, much better than any other baseball game I had ever been to. From that day forward, I joined the Good Guys (who wore black).
Originally Posted by WisSoxFan View Post
My 20th birthday. Tito ****ing Landrum and the Dibber. And Illinois beat Wisconsin in football that afternoon as well. I've had better birthdays.
Originally Posted by tebman View Post
Tito Landrum!

My wife, my mother, and I were at that game with standing-room tickets and watched the whole game from the scoreboard ramp. We watched Britt Burns pitch the game of his life, then felt the cold pall that fell over the ballpark in the tenth inning. That memory haunts me still.

Looking at this year I see signs of hope in promising young pitchers, stronger defense up the middle, and a more purposeful coaching staff. Of course I'm unhappy that the air came out of the balloon these last few weeks, but I feel better knowing that Rick Hahn will be making personnel decisions this winter. I don't know...maybe that's naive optimism. But that's baseball. There's always next season, and that's good.
One of the many great things about WSI is having a place to discuss White Sox baseball. I enjoy reading the perspectives (like each of yours posted above) of Sox fans of all ages. Reading your posts connected all of the heartbreaking endings of Sox seasons for most of the years that I have been following the team. I also like to discuss White Sox history, and I especially enjoy reading Dan Helpingstine's books. I will agree that Tito Landrum destroyed my Sox world on October 8, 1983; I am still looking for Britt Burns to give him a hug. The 1993 Sox playoff exit was awful as well. Those were great Sox teams in 1983 and 1993 that failed to advance in the playoffs.

Originally Posted by TaylorStSox View Post
Viciedo's numbers ended up looking pretty damn good for a kid his age.
Yes! Viciedo is only 23 years old and I am very excited about his future.

As for our Sox, yes it was tough to watch the games these last couple of weeks and now we can add 2012 to our list of disappointing endings to Sox seasons. I am, however, trying not to let the horrible way this season ended sour what was an incredible summer of White Sox baseball for me. DumpJerry, I am also proud of our team. I had alot of fun at the ballpark and on WSI this year and I look forward to the Sox and Robin's return in 2013.
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