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Originally Posted by DumpJerry View Post
You're lucky you missed the darkest day in the history of Western Civilization.

Damn it, we had LaMarr pitching the next day!!!
While I was too little to remember that, as a little kid my family was mostly Cubs fans. I was taken to go games on both sides of town, but what stood out was...

Originally Posted by 16th&State View Post
The 93 ALCS for me. Though this season ranks up there for me too now that the season is over and the bitter disappointment is setting in...

Edit: Also, I hope the Tigers get crushed in the playoffs...!!
Originally Posted by harwar View Post
I was on the other side of the planet during that time so i missed the entire postseason, but i had that experience in 93 when we lost to toronto .. it took me a long time to get over that ..
...when my dad took me to a home game in the 1993 ALCS. Despite the loss, I was astounded by the electric crowd, much better than any other baseball game I had ever been to. From that day forward, I joined the Good Guys (who wore black).
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