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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
What is the record for most consecutive 100-loss seasons?
Philadelphia Phillies, 5 consecutive seasons, 1938-42. From 1936-45, the Phillies had 7 seasons where they lost more than 100, which is scary considering that it was only a 154-game schedule up until 1961.

Most recently, the Royals had 3 consecutive 100-loss seasons from 2004-6, and 4 out of 5 (2002, 2004-6).

Interesting trivia in looking this up: What is the oldest team in the majors that has NEVER had a 100-loss season?

Answer: The California/Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels, entered the majors in 1961 (never lost more than 95 games in a season). The only other team in the majors that has never lost 100 is the Colorado Rockies, through their 20 years. The New York/San Francisco Giants come close, only having one 100-loss season (exactly 100, in 1985) in their 130-year history.
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