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Originally Posted by hawkjt View Post
I agree. I listened with an ear toward picking up tension last nite,and it was very apparent that this marriage is over. Hawk would make a comment about miggy and dead silence. Stone only spoke when he had to with action on the field. It was the worst dynamic between two that I have ever heard....its ovah!

I have defended Hawk thru the years,but I am about ready for a change.
Stone is ok,but if this is going to be the atmosphere,something has to give.
What is strange about this is that prior to September I thought Hawk and Stone's chemistry had never been better. Once the Sox started to slide in September though it became tense again as there were long, long, LONG silences by Hawk. He took this September very hard and while every fan did, we aren't being paid by the team to broadcast games.

Go Sox!!!