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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post

Well thought out post. My only comment is that ownership has remained the same today as during those periods when decisions made crippled the franchise or their chances of winning. Until ownership changes I suspect there is going to be a portion of the fan base (how many I don't know) that will not 'forgive and forget...' and I'm certainly not going to tell them they are wrong for doing so.

Many Sox fans hold the team to be one of the most important and special parts of their lives, they personally felt betrayed over collusion, the threat to move to Florida, SportsVision, the 94 labor impasse and the White Flag Trade.

For better or worse Sox fans have long memories and of course the way to make them forget about those things is win...easier said than done though.

You make it sound like the current ownership group has been the worst in Sox history, when in fact it's been the most successful in any of our lifetimes. It's certainly not the case that all problems started when they took over. There have been plenty of moves explored and bad trades made by other owners. Even the sainted Bill Veeck.

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