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I have no idea where you got your info. I only know the last time I saw the figuures in the paper they had the 4th highest price on average.

If this is in fact wrong, than the Sox obviously aren't letting the fan base know about it enough to explode the 'myth' because even in the NPR piece that ran Friday, a fan was quoted as talking about the high ticket prices. That's all I can tell you. I've been told from people they are extremely high, along with what I read in the paper.

Maybe the Sox need to send out a release or call a press conference exploding this "myth" if that's the case.

I do know the NPR story (and you can listen to it) had the reporter quoting the latest figures as saying that for a family of four to go to a Sox game it costs "over 200 dollars" (direct quote) I also know the Sox were charging 48 dollars a ticket for bleacher seats for the Yankee series in late August.


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