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Originally Posted by hawkjt View Post
I heard the Haugh interview and he went to great pains to make sure that everyone knew that Kenny was not blaming the fans.

He did say that Kenny talked about de-linking attendance and payroll,and that they will be trying to approach marketing the team with a clean sheet ....and look at everything.

They know that just winning is not enough after this year,so they need to go back to the drawing board. I suspect that could mean cheaper tickets.

With good TV ratings,and new TV deals with Fox/TNT, they might just have the revenue to operate without concerns about attendance.
Haugh said that Kenny made it clear that they were going to be looking to win next year...again. No retrenching.
The most interesting angle here to me is, assuming that Nightengale is correct, in KW's role as team President. If Hahn is handling the personnel moves, then I wonder if that frees up KW to handle more of the business side of the team. Sounds like he could be taking a more direct role in terms of the marketing of the team, and that he is possibly not happy with how Boyer is doing there, how the team is being marketed, and how they are drawing at the gate.
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