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Originally Posted by wassagstdu View Post
I also listened to Prince when I lived in central PA near the end of his career, and he was terrible, constantly moaning about the decline of the Pirates. (Of course that decline proved permanent -- a caution to those of us who favor rebuilding the Sox).
Bob Prince was fired after the 1975 season. The Pirates had just won their 5th division title in 6 years, including a WS in 1971. They had a fearsome lineup and were not perceived in any way to be in decline. Pittsburgh continued to have winning seasons until 1983, except for the strike shortened year of 1981, including another WS win in 1979, piloted by Chuck Tanner. Prince could show a prickly personality and frequently clashed with Westinghouse Broadcasting management, which resulted in his ultimate dismissal. The decision was met with near universal scorn by fans in SW PA. Also Prince unlike Hawk was able to get along with his co announcers despite having that alpha personality. He did very well with both Jim Woods and Nellie King for example. Prince was called upon to announce some Penguin games on TV after leaving the Pirates. He was truly awful as a hockey announcer, calling the puck the ball and being totally unable to keep up with the swift tempo of a hockey game. He worked briefly for the Astros and it didn't work out for him. All of his little Pittsburghisms did not work in Texas. His schtick didn't work out well on Monday Night Baseball either. Prince died in 1985 of cancer. On May 3 of that year, despite the fact that he was weak and dying he announced two innings of a Pirates game in which they managed to score 9 runs, one for each year of his absence. The Pirates lost 104 games that year and were clearly in decline. The late Mayor Richard Caliguiri managed to put together a consortium that bought the team and kept them in Pittsburgh. Jim Leyland came aboard in 1986 and they were big winners again in the early 90's. So there it is. I have no idea where you are coming from.

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