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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post

What people? I will bet that if you took a poll at the time that most Sox fans would have preferred some kind of renovation of old Comiskey instead of a new park. I'll never forget going to a game at the old park in early 1990 and the new park's shell was up on 35th street and I could not believe what I saw, the new park was twice as high as old Comiskey, I scratched my head thinking what is this place going to look like when its done.
It would have taken massive renovation. I remember being in seats where I had to sit scrunched in turned partly sideways because my knees wouldn't fit behind the seat in front of me, and I'm not freakishly tall, just 6'3", I remember being behind pillars that blocked my view of essential parts of the field. I remember being back under the upper deck far enough that my view of the scoreboard was blocked. The food areas were dark, damp, and smelly. Left field was a swamp after heavy rains.

They had no place to play during a renovation; it wasn't like New York, where Shea was publicly-owned and the Yankees didn't have to have the permission of the Mets to play there while Yankee Stadium was renovated. The Cubs said "no" to the Sox playing at Wrigley during any renovation. Should they have gone to Thillens Stadium? Soldier Field?

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