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This coming from the guy who seemed to have written off the season before it started. I like Ventura and am hopefully he'll grow into being a good MLB manager. But, when KW hired someone with ZERO professional coaching experience to manage this team for 2012, I took that as a message that he didn't expect this team to do much this year.

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The players.
Agreed....but who is in charge of getting those players? If it's 4 years in a row of saying the players have failed us, that sounds like the problem is that the GM and his underlings haven't done a good enough job of putting together a team that is good enough and has enough depth to make to the post season.

I applaud KW's ability to find hidden gems, JR's willingness to put up money for Dunn and Danks's extension. I'm glad that the Sox have farm system successes in Sale and Reed. ....but that's obviously not enough. This team needs more depth and we can't continue to hope year after year that we ride scrap heap acquisitions and a couple of high-priced, yet flawed contracts (Dunn, Rios, Peavy) to the post season.

We can argue all we want, but the results show that the current management's approach isn't working. It seems to be good enough to keep this team at around .500 most seasons with a surprise playoff run every 5 years or so. But it's not enough to make this team one of the real contenders in the AL.

Quite frankly, I'm fed up with hearing KW "speak" to the same Sox failures year after year. It's like hearing Ozzie say "we need to get better at fundamentals" year after year only to have the same results.

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Perhaps someone can correct me if I am wrong, but I thought I read somewhere that the Sox TV ratings are up and actually outdoing the Cubs on the season. At least locally on CSN. Probably not for national games on WGN.
I believe that is correct. I'm not all that surprised. TV ratings are going to rebound much more quickly to a winning team than ticket sales (which are heavily dependent on season tickets and other advanced sales).

I can believe that people are tuning out the Cubs....but those tickets to Cubs games were sold months ago and they still count in the attendance numbers.
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