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Originally Posted by asindc View Post
He hasn't, and no one can produce evidence of such.
Maybe not, but he has said many, many times that he can't make the moves that he wants to because of low attendance. This bothers me for a lot of reasons, but mostly because it's his job as GM to spend the money that he has wisely. When he says stuff like this it sounds like he's absolving himself from blame because he doesn't have the money to spend rather than because he's made any mistakes. Spending money does not guarantee a winner, but being smart about where you spend it does. Also, he made one of these comments as recently as June. I'm thinking at that point that he knew what his budget was and what he could expect the attendance to be and in my personal opinion, even a large jump in attendance in the month prior to the deadline wouldn't have made a significant difference in his budget. His comments are at best ill-timed and at worst covering his butt.
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