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Originally Posted by kobo View Post
There's no future with this organization. The other side of town made clear their plans, and while I would never spend a lot of money to go see a game if I was a fan, at least there's hope in the future for them. I can respect that and I would be willing to go see a couple games a year because they seem to be moving in the right direction. They appear to be making the right moves. But I'm not a Cubs fan. What are the Sox doing to instill any type of hope in this fanbase? What do we as fans have to look forward to next year and beyond? There's really nothing. The farm system is one of the worst in all of baseball. The current roster is full of veterans who are old and slow and a bunch won't be here next year. Management tells the fanbase through the press that they can't do things if fans don't come to the games, but charge the 4th highest avg ticket price to watch this team in person. The entire organization is a joke right now. There is no direction. There is no hope. IMO, those 2 factors are the main reasons fans are staying away.
I'm more in line with this post I think, most of it anyway. The lack of direction (or desire, etc) was very evident this season. The team would look great at times and other times look horrible. That's not just a talent issue, it's a lack of desire, leadership, etc. There is no reason why this team should exel against the likes of the Yankees and Rangers but then often fail miserably against the Royals, etc.

The head to head games vs. the Tigers were also a huge disappointment. Two sweeps in their park? Now I don't think the Tigers are anything why get whipped like that? Plus when you factor in, in those sweeps the Sox got outscored 33-14, it shows most of the time they weren't even competitive. Clearly the team was either intimidated or just not up for the games.

I don't know if I'd agree on the Cubs though...they are still a mess and years away from contending. Here in the DC area I've seen the Nationals go from a real train wreck in what they were in Montreal, with no farm system, etc, to a very good young franchise with a deep farm system and lots of good players already at the MLB level. But they had to endure some painful seasons including back to back 100-loss seasons. Would the Sox blow up the ship and clean house and start over like that? Probably not because the fans wouldn't have the patience. In DC the fan base was happy just to have a team. The Sox don't have that luxury. They are a franchise that has semi-recently won a title and is expected to compete every season.

But you're right, there really is no direction right now.
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