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Originally Posted by PatK View Post
From what I remthe art "modern" facility.ember, people wanted a state of And that's what they got. The trend in stadium building at that time (not just MLB) was to have as modern of a looking place as possible.
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It wasn't until Camden Yards opened that people realized that you could still have the look of an old school park with all of the modern amenities.

And then the crapping of New Comiskey began
What people? I will bet that if you took a poll at the time that most Sox fans would have preferred some kind of renovation of old Comiskey instead of a new park. I'll never forget going to a game at the old park in early 1990 and the new park's shell was up on 35th street and I could not believe what I saw, the new park was twice as high as old Comiskey, I scratched my head thinking what is this place going to look like when its done.
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