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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post

That's not bad to be sure.

Now can you expand the stats to show the number of postseason appearances since 1981? Not trying to belittle you or the numbers just that while the Sox look good in total wins over 32 years, I suspect they are pretty far down the pack with getting to the playoffs.

The Sox always seem to be short a player or weak in an area and the opposition always seems to find it and kill the Sox over it.

I suppose I could expand the stats as you request, but I don't know when you'd quit changing your metric. I assume it would be when everybody agrees with you that the past three decades have been nothing but mediocrity?

That said, I might agree with those who say some type of "spark" is missing from the team, though I don't know enough to know what it would be. At the risk of knocking this thread off-kilter, I note fans have been voting with their feet. The Sox have lost attendance every year since 2006. Is there any other team in the majors that has done that? The Sox haven't lost attendance for six consecutive seasons since 1965-1970.

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