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Originally Posted by Falstaff View Post
In contemplating what happened in the pressure cooker of September, and all the talk about the team pressing too much etc.... I am reminded of the minor controversy last winter, when AJ mentioned that in the past a few sips of "rally beer" had been consumed late in extra inning games on occasion.

There had been some kerfluffle about beer in the dugout among the Red Sox, and other MLB chimed in with their experience. There was a bit of tut-tutting about beers in during games, and many teams vowed to stop the practice.

It would truly be a shame if the '12 White Sox got all tense and lost first place because they could not quaff a rally beer this year as in the past, like '05.

Ah, you left an opening for Kenny to blame Carrie Nation and those damn "Dry Lips"..

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