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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
Pale: This stat floored me. Honestly I wasn't expecting this...I thought it would be better given that they've had 19 winning years.

In the 32 years that current ownership has run the White Sox the average yearly record is:

81.54 wins
76.39 losses

(Remember games were wiped out by the labor impasses in 1981, 1994 and they got a late start in 1995, that's why the numbers don't add up exactly to 81-81.)

For what it's worth, here is the ranking of AL teams by number of victories since 1981 (going into tonight's games, and excluding the Rays, who weren't in the AL in 1981, and the Brewers, who have since left it).

NYY 2852
BOS 2720
OAK 2630
CHW 2612
ANA 2611
TOR 2593
TEX 2506
CLE 2486
MIN 2460
DET 2449
BAL 2419
SEA 2416
KCR 2335

None of this, of course, has much effect on whether the Sox, at present, need a complete overhaul . . .
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