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Originally Posted by BainesHOF View Post
When the final out is called Wednesday, the Stone-Hawk partnership will be ovah.

They started out working pretty well together this season, but then for some reason things went downhill. It was obvious that at some point Stone complained to someone about Hawk calling him "Stone Pony" because both stopped using nicknames. I'm sure that aggravated the relationship as far as Hawk was concerned.

Then in the second half of the season I heard Stone twice disagree with Hawk by name during his Score appearances. Both times came when the team was on the road so Hawk had no chance of hearing it, but I'm sure that got back to Hawk.

I'm all for Stone leaving. His analysis has always been overrated in this town. Sure, compared to the clowns on the Score, Stone makes a lot of great points. But far too often he's a master of the obvious. Most of the ex-players on the MLB Network are far more insightful than Stone Pony.

One thing I think most people can agree on about Hawk is the guy is genuine. I don't think the same can be said of Stone. Stone has often been an ass toward fans. I saw it firsthand at Soxfest. Then he tries to follow Hawk's lead on broadcasts regarding a fondness for fans and it's incredibly hollow. Brian's right, too, about Stone never selling the product. He has no real enthusiam about the team and organization. It's been pretty obvious down the stretch that Stone knows he's not coming back. He's been giving Hawk some of his own medicine whether trying to get the last word in on a subject or making comments that have nothing to do with what Hawk said.

I'm tired of Hawk's negativity. There's no reason for the broadcasts to be filled with such tension. He's losing his marbles. This is the year he started to making bad mistakes on a regular basis due to age. And of course we all know that he lets his emotions get the best of him. I'm afraid that he's doing to have a Woody Hayes moment. I still like Hawk a lot, but it's time for him to retire for everyone's sake including his own.

I also like Farmer, but I'm tired of his "clever" sidetracking commentary. It's not Jackson's fault. He simply tries to roll with Farmer. The star of the radio broadcast should be the game, not constant D-list humor. Yeah, if the game is a laugher one way or the other then it's okay to get goofy, but Farmer doesn't ever stop with his quirky nonsense. I want to hear about what's happening on the field in the late innings of a close game not some bad, comedic exchanges. Plus I'm more than tired of jokes about Farmer's hits and Jackson's pitching appearance. It was funny the first 100 times, but now it's really stale.

It's time to clean house and present top-notch broadcasts on radio and TV that are worthy of a major market. I was listening to Pat Hughes the other day and it struck me as a revelation. As horrible as the Cubs are, Hughes conveyed a great deal of excitement, enthusiasm and description about the game. We could use a lot more of all those things in both booths.
Man, how refreshing, someone who doesn't think Stone invented baseball . I think he is pretty good at what he does, but if he is gone I will not miss him. This worship of him as some kind of genius cracks me up.