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People need to remember that this team was predicted to win 67 games, and will end up with 84-86 wins, finishing second to a team that was supposed to run away and hide from everyone else.

Do we need an overhaul? Yes. Major? Iffy. Total? No.

Yes, our "core" is getting long in the tooth. However, people seem to forget that at one point this season, PK was flirting with .400, and will end up pretty close to, if not over, .300, even with an injured hand.

AJ had never hit more than 18 HR a season; he's sitting at 27. He's a lifetime .284/.324/.753 hitter. Does anyone think that Flowers, who is a good defensive catcher but needs a lot of work at the plate, is going to match this magically next season? With more AB, yes, he's not going to strike out 54 times in 133 AB's, but he's not going to be that great of a hitter, especially for average.

Talk about trading Rios is unbelievably dumb. This actually isn't a career year for him; 2011 was so bad that it MAKES 2012 look like a career year. Even with the disaster that was 2011, he's a .278/.324/.768 lifetime hitter. He's going to end up this year at just over .300 with an OPS of around .850.

As others mentioned, what we need is offensive depth, as well as some speed. We will be last in the majors in doubles this season, 3rd in HR, and middle-of-the-pack in average and OBP. Despite Dunn's high number of K's (not all of which were bad, as many came in positions where a K was no worse than a groundout or a flyout), we are still 13th in MLB in K's (first being fewest), but 22nd in drawing walks. We're living and dying by the long ball, and we need some singles and doubles hitters.
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