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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post

Try adding the Red Sox, Angels, Braves, Phillies, Cardinals and Giants to your "small" list. What do they have in common with the Yankees and Texas? Hmmmmmmmm................

And the team that outdrew the Sox after 20 years straight of losing. Well DUH...I'd sure as hell hope they would after that putrid run. I'd imagine those fans were shocked and thrilled to see anything resembling good baseball.

Sorry you and I are going to have to disagree. The Sox don't appear to have a sizable portion of the fan base who simply "enjoys" going to games for a reason. As Pale Hose George often put it, "because there's nothing cute and cuddly about losing..."

I 'enjoy' watching little league and high school baseball for example, when it comes to the Sox it's about winning and I suspect a large percentage of the fan base is the same way

I was using the same standard for success that you used for the White Sox, referencing 2003 and 2004 as examples- if the team fails to win the division, there is no reason for anyone to buy tickets the following year, even if, overall the team had an above average season. See that same logic applied to the teams in your list:

Boston- dead last place with 91 losses at the moment. One division title in last 15 years.

Angels- haven't won the division since 2009

Atlanta-haven't won the division since 2005

Philadelphia-currently in third place, sold 1.6 million more tickets than Sox this year. But could make good argument for your point.

Cardinals- one division title in last six years

Giants- two division titles in last nine years.

By the way, I agree all of these teams have been very good the last decade, and deserve the support they receive. But see how easy it is to twist that success into failure? There are 30 teams, and in the end, 29 fail each year.

The only thing I see that these teams all have in common is that they have outdrawn the Sox year after year.

And Pittsburgh outdrawing the Sox this year is an absolute disgrace. If any fan base in baseball has reason to be skeptical, its that one.

And I agree, there is nothing "cute and cuddly about losing". But you are dead wrong, the 2012 White Sox were anything but "losers", and deserved far better fan support than they received.

They've had three losing seasons this century. Far better performance on the field than the fan support they have received would suggest.
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