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Its puzzling to me. This is Chicago. Attendance should be better.

One of my thoughts has always been that the location is a poor place. I know this cannot be fixed but if the Sox had a downtown stadium I feel this would help a lot. I firmly believe Wrigley's location helps them a great deal.

Perhaps a change in marketing strategy. A lot of people on and off this site have been saying this begins with the broadcast booth.

A lot of people need to realize U.S. Cellular is a great place to watch a game. It is not the same building that was created in 1991. They have done a great job in expanding the park and making it more fun for the fans. I hope more is still to come.

One more thing, I am okay paying the prices for upper deck tickets, if i were allowed to visit the rest of the park! I love catching batting practice. I go a good amount but I'd for sure go a few times more. (this is the only stadium I've been to where if you had an upper deck seat it restricted you from some of the popular sites in the park.)
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