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Originally Posted by Nellie_Fox View Post
While all of you make valid points, I still think it's being over-analyzed. The fact remains that it's just not "cool" to be a Sox fan in Chicago, and it's "cool" to be a Cubs fan. That's what's emphasized all over Chicago media, Wrigley Field and the Cubs. It's a shrine, the Cubs are a "storied franchise." The "long-suffering Cubs fan" has become part of Chicago lore, and are held up as some kind of example for all sports fans to emulate. "Oh, they're so loyal and passionate about the Cubbies!"

The news people fawn over the Cubs when they hand off to the sports guy on the 10:00 news. Anything negative about Wrigley or the area around it is not talked about; it's all sunshine and unicorns.
Nellie: And for that the Sox have only themselves to blame...trying to market themselves from day 1 as "Chicago's American League Team...", SportsVision, JR's part in 94, the "White Flag Trade..." just one self induced mistake after another.

Now it may be to late to change anything even with winning a World Series.

TOM: Before the first Cub / Sox game in 97, JR made this statement on the pregame show, "Chicago has always been a Cubs-town..." Considering JR lived in Chicago since 1957 he should have known better, that's an outright falsehood statement. But it does serve to illustrate your point about being a "victim."

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