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Originally Posted by ChiSoxGirl View Post
I've cried over this team more in the last 24 hours than I have for any other Sox team dating back to 1989. Yes, I cried over a baseball team. Cue making fun of ChiSoxGirl. I'm completely heartbroken. I can't even talk about the Sox with my students anymore when they bring them up because it hurts too much.

Scoring 11 runs tonight was like salt in an open wound. It took the Sox FOUR GAMES to score 11 runs prior to tonight. FOUR GAMES!!!! It's mind-boggling, maddening and heartbreaking all at once.

JB98 told me the other night that he thought the Sox would come out of their offensive slump when the pressure was gone. Well, the pressure came off with yesterday's loss and wouldn't you know, the bats came alive tonight.
Same here...will take a while to digest the end of the season...especially since we had been in first for so long. Kept waiting for a huge 5 or 6 game winning streak but this team never showed any spark. They played so tight for a team expected not to be in first.

Look at the O's or A's, they played loose and actually had "fun" playing winning baseball. I wonder if you ask any White Sox player if they had any "fun" playing the last month or so......
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