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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
It's a lot easier to get people to come out to watch a player than a manager, I'd think.
I think there are very few players who draw simply because they are great baseball players. It's a lot harder to single out individual players in baseball as being "the reason" a team is succeeding - other than pitchers. I think pitchers can draw. I bet Verlander draws for example. I doubt Cabrera does though.

Sosa drew because of what he was accomplishing. Him and McGwire were doing things no one had before. Yes they were juiced, but the fans were either willing to overlook that or were ignorant of it.

If some player in the league suddenly goes on a HR binge or starts to make a serious run at .400, you'll see a spike in attendance too, but even a guy like Cabrera who is making a run at a triple crown won't spike ticket sales that dramatically, IMO. Royals might see a few extra people the next few nights who would otherwise ignore them at this stage of the game, simply to say they were there when Cabrera did it, but they won't suddenly sell out I don't think and in this case it would be something that would last only a few games because it is so dependent on so many things breaking right in the last few games of the season.

Edit: And my reference to Ozzie was that his bluster was similar to Sosa's. He was the most visible vocal face of the franchise. His style is what makes him a draw.

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