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Originally Posted by Lip Man 1 View Post
Again it's CONSISTENT winning to excite the fan base, sell off season tickets etc.
The 2005 Sox AGAIN came out of nowhere right? They were expected to be a middle of the road team.
What happened in 2003? Blew a two game lead with 18 games left...what happened in 2004? faded in the second half because of season ending injuries to Thomas and Ordonez. Why should fans have thought even with the brilliant start that things were going to be any different in the first half of the year? They'd seen that before many times right?
Fans aren't going to "suddenly" start coming out in droves in the middle of the season because the Sox "happen" to be in first place. It just doesn't work that way.
They will come out if the previous seasons have been good, generated interest and excitement. It all builds on the previous few years which is why to me the Sox have consistently had attendence issues.
They can never sustain anything, teams come out of nowhere and do well then in many cases regress the next few years putting the entire process back to square one.
23 teams outdrew the White Sox this year. Are all of those teams consistent winners? Not even close. One of those teams hasnít had a winning season in 20 years. There are 30 teams in this league, and the majority of them didnít spend a minute in first place. Many of those teams havenít won anything in years.

In 2005, 16 teams outdrew the Sox. Were all of those teams consistent winners? Nope.

The Sox donít exist in a vacuum. When other teams are in first place, and their fans do come out in droves to support them, as usually happens to teams not playing in Florida, it gives those teams a financial advantage over the Sox. Baseball is and always has been a business, and like it or not, with any business, planned payroll expense is going to be somewhat related to revenue. And no one can say for a fact that the fans will support a consistently winning team, since the Sox havenít had one, by your standards quoted above, worthy of support in their entire 112 year history.

My point is simple- most fan bases have a sizable portion of fans that purchase tickets because they like going to baseball games. The Sox, on the other hand, seem to have a sizable portion of fans who will show up only after a championship has been won. Changing that dynamic, not making excuses for it, is what Sox marketing needs to do if they are to provide a revenue stream that supports a large market payroll. And for the record, I blame this COMPLETELY on Sox marketing. Like you, I've been a Sox fan long enough to know what happens when a team is near the bottom of the league in attendance for an extended period of time. It gets ugly.

Looking at the standings the last few years, itís hard to find a team not named the Yankees or Rangers who has maintained the level of excellence year in and year out that you seem to require for the Sox to at least justify mediocre attendance. Out of the six LAST place teams this year, four outdrew the Sox.

It seems like most other teams have a decent size portion of their fan base that enjoys going to games regardless. The Sox don't appear to have that.
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