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Originally Posted by Chez View Post
And yet the two most negative, critical broadcasters I've ever heard (and it's not even close) were Jimmy and Harry. And people fall all over themselves to say how great they were.
Yeah, Harry became such a house shill when he went to the north side that people forget (or never knew) how much he ripped on the Sox from the booth, his voice often dripping with sarcasm. Was it Jay Johnstone that Harry refused to announce his batting average because it was too low, and Harry would bring it up pretty much every game? "I'm not going to say his batting average until he gets it up over .XXX (whatever the line was)." "That wouldn't be a home run in a phone booth." And Jimmy, with his "you young ballplayers out there, make sure you don't do it the way so-and-so does, the right way to do it is..."

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