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Originally Posted by doogiec View Post
I actually agree with you 100% on the first part, and that was the point of my post. I think season ticket sales went up around 9,000 per game in 2006. Were these really new Sox fans? No, they simply bought season tickets because the Sox were defending World Champs and most were probably gone the next season. They waited until after the championship to commit. If they could afford season seats in 2006, why not in 2005? They were hopping the bandwagon. And they hopped right off. I'm sure the same thing applies to single game and walk up sales. They need to find a way to sell season tickets to people who simply enjoy going to the games, and won't bail everytime they don't win a title.

I would disagree that the Sox drew well in September 2005. 27k average for a team leading the the AL, in a tight race and playing three games against a hot second place team is not drawing well (at least not by current baseball standards).
Actually it took several years for them to fully "hop off" as can be seen by the extended run of good attendance they had until 2009, when the economy was deep into the recession.

Is 27K the average for September or for the whole season?

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