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Again it's CONSISTENT winning to excite the fan base, sell off season tickets etc.

The 2005 Sox AGAIN came out of nowhere right? They were expected to be a middle of the road team.

What happened in 2003? Blew a two game lead with 18 games left...what happened in 2004? faded in the second half because of season ending injuries to Thomas and Ordonez. Why should fans have thought even with the brilliant start that things were going to be any different in the first half of the year? They'd seen that before many times right?
Fans aren't going to "suddenly" start coming out in droves in the middle of the season because the Sox "happen" to be in first place. It just doesn't work that way.

They will come out if the previous seasons have been good, generated interest and excitement. It all builds on the previous few years which is why to me the Sox have consistently had attendence issues.

They can never sustain anything, teams come out of nowhere and do well then in many cases regress the next few years putting the entire process back to square one.

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