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Originally Posted by kittle42 View Post
This, to me, is almost a bigger issue to helping the franchise than the on-field product. "The Kids Can Play" years were better than this in fan interest (yes, I am sure someone will show me numbers to the contrary, but bear with me that we are now in post-2005 world and the baseline expectations are different). People need a reason to be interested in this franchise, and apparently being a few games in first place in a crappy division most of the season is not enough on its own.

Figure out a way to market this team and this franchise regardless of who is on the field and in the dugout.
I agree with you, but this is no small task. Until this season, I thought that the Sox fan base (such as it is) would show up to the ballpark if the on-field product was competitive. Unless this year was a fluke, I'm not sure I still believe that "conventional wisdom" about Sox fans and attendance. Until mid to late September, this was an exciting, likable first place team.

Unless the Sox are willing to reduce ticket prices, I'm not sure how they grow attendance. What is "the reason to be interested in this franchise" if it's not tied to on field performance?

Maybe drawing 1.9 million is the new normal.
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