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Originally Posted by thomas35forever View Post
I'll give my 2 cents based on the OP's structure.

3) I don't know if Brooks Boyer needs to step aside, but there needs to be a new approach in how this team is marketed. Dynamic and parking prices are issues indeed, but the bigger one is that they need to show people why taking a trip to the South Side is a good idea. We were in first place most of the year and Boyer failed miserably in taking advantage of that fact. Otherwise, we would have broken the 30,000 mark much more frequently. Alas, that wasn't the case and that resulted in the usual tired "Sox fans aren't showing up" crap from the media. Something needs to be done badly. Also, do away with a lot of the promotions and create new ones. All the buzz from 2005 is gone, so you don't need to act like it's still there by keeping everything from that year around. Everyone else has moved on. They need to do the same.
This, to me, is almost a bigger issue to helping the franchise than the on-field product. "The Kids Can Play" years were better than this in fan interest (yes, I am sure someone will show me numbers to the contrary, but bear with me that we are now in post-2005 world and the baseline expectations are different). People need a reason to be interested in this franchise, and apparently being a few games in first place in a crappy division most of the season is not enough on its own.

Figure out a way to market this team and this franchise regardless of who is on the field and in the dugout.
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