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Originally Posted by voodoochile View Post
Your analysis completely ignores the issue that good attendance for the year and high averages require a large season ticket holder base. That's why 2006 had a much higher attendance than 2005. In 2005 the attendance average was hurt by a small base and as a result low attendance before summer kicked in and kids got out of school. The Sox drew well all summer and through September but couldn't overcome the low attendance in April and May which can ONLY be increased by high season ticket sales (as has repeatedly been demonstrated and discussed). In 2006 with the higher base they "drew" well those first few months and it pushed the average up for the whole year, even though attendance dropped off later in the season when the Sox fell off the pace.

Edit: If you are counting on mid-season sales or even walkup sales to boost your average you won't hit a high percentage for seats sold for the year unless you absolutely get red hot (see 2005).
I agree with this and think that, unless something changes, this problem is only going to increase. The incentive to buy season tickets at this point is not there when you factor in all of the April/Early May games you get "stuck" with. Add on the fact that most potential season ticket holders are smart enough to realize that the Sox have 1/2 price ticket codes for just about every game, and you can find tickets on stubhub for most games at or near face value for premium seats.

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