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Originally Posted by doogiec View Post
The Sox need to attract more casual fans that just want to enjoy a day at the ballpark. They can start by getting a TV PBP man that doesnít sound like the angry bitter drunk you move away from at a bar. They can try to improve stadium operations: Get the concession lines moving quickly or use technology to make it easier to order food, hire and train ushers who act like they give a crap, use the scoreboards to give baseball information other than meaningless trivia. They can make the price of parking reasonable so you donít feel ripped off before you even enter the building.

A day at the ball game can be fun even if they arenít raising a flag that day. And if a large portion of the Sox fan base canít deal with that, the Sox need to do a better job of attracting new fans.
I don't think the contents of the scoreboard, and/or the time it takes to get something from the concession stand, or even Hawk are keeping anyone from the ballpark.

The September turnout was disappointing. I think a lot of fans did not believe this team was that good and needed them to make the ALDS to prove it. Unfortunetly those fans were right, we weren't that good.

The reality of the matter is that we live in two baseball team town with only enough fans to give one of those teams the type of game after game turnout you see in a one team town like Boston. That said the Cubs attendance would be similiar to the Sox if you took away the out of town visitors and Northside twenty/thirty somethings with lots of disposable income.
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