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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
We could have had a park like Camden Yards and PNC Park but JR and Co. nixed it, instead we got 2 tiers of suites and a club level section that gave us the steepest upper deck in MLB. Comiskey II was just about the most sterile park ever built, operating rooms should be so sterile. At least JR saw the error of his ways and came up with a park that has a little more character but still no PNC Park.

As far as the Bucs go, I thought that this was the year that they would break that horrible streak.
From what I remember, people wanted a state of the art "modern" facility. And that's what they got. The trend in stadium building at that time (not just MLB) was to have as modern of a looking place as possible.

It wasn't until Camden Yards opened that people realized that you could still have the look of an old school park with all of the modern amenities.

And then the crapping of New Comiskey began
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