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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
That's a bunch of crap. This idea that the Cubs are just guaranteed to be good in a few years because they're racking up the 100-loss seasons now is just absurdity.

What did the Sox do to instill hope in people? Uh, they spent the majority of the season in 1st place, and don't give me this "well, uh, everyone knew they weren't going to be very good," which is crap-o-la because the Sox were neck and neck with NY and Texas for most of the season, as well.

This is the same old tired whiny high school drama queen crap that was posted last year, the Sox need to burn the whole thing down and try to start over from scratch, we need to lose 100 games to get better, etc. It's all crap. The Sox need to make some moves to improve the club, but they don't need to make DRASTIC, SWEEPING changes.
People look at Tampa as a team that took advantage of being pure crap for many years to load up on great draft picks to get to the World Series and contend for the post season each year since.

People also look at Mega Millions Lottery winners as proof that you, too, can strike it rich.

If taking a dive to get great draft picks (and, given how MLB structures the draft, do you really have an advantage after the first round? After the second round, the playing field is pretty much leveled) works into making a team a World Series contender, I have three words: Kansas City Royals. The Royals have their moments, but they will never be a pick to click in March.

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