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Originally Posted by WhiffleBall View Post
While parking is priced way too high there is no reason to complain about ticket prices. The Sox lowered prices in 2012 for all but the best seats in the house plus there were discount codes for almost every game including games like Elvis night and the Yankees. The codes were very easy to find after a quick google search. The days of meaningful walk up sales are over. It's much easier and cheaper to buy tickets from home even a couple of hours before the game.
I think you're giving the casual fan too much credit. Most people who aren't hard core fans like us aren't going to go looking around for discount codes and other gimmicks. Most people want to see, up front, what a ticket is going to cost. Not only is the "sticker" price of the average ticket too high at the beginning of the year, the ridiculous dynamic pricing just adds more uncertainty.

Originally Posted by WhiffleBall View Post
The Sox need more ticket tiers. Those seats right behind the dugout should not cost the same as tickets in row 37 of sections 121 and 143. The back sections of the UD past the bases and last 10 rows of the outfield should be $10 seats for all games. The lower level corners should be $15, those are not good seats and empty for most games for a reason.
This. There needs to be a larger percentage difference between the top seats and the worst seats in the house, if you want to sell bargain seats.
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