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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
Winning baseball and good baseball aren't always the same thing.

Some of our players were good, others are wastes of an at-bat or a pitching appearance. And if you want to discount September, take a look at our season-long player stats. There's maybe 10 guys who stand out and the rest of the 15-20 guys are mediocre at best to borderline awful. I'm not expecting a perfect roster, but there are obvious and eventually fatal flaws.

So often this year we had to sit through bad baseball while we did enough to win at just over a .500 clip.

But I still had fun at the park this year, regardless.
That describes probably 25-27 teams, at least. The difference between most teams is usually how well your best players play relative to everyone else's best players. Trade Pauly for Cabrera or Sale for Verlander and "hello division title." On rare occasions, the 11-25 on the roster will give you a lot more than expected (see Detroit Tigers, 2011 edition, or Oakland A's, 2012 edition). [Obvious-speak on]Usually though, the best players make the most difference.[Obvious-speak off]
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