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Originally Posted by kobo View Post
I have no idea if what the Cubs are doing is going to work. I don't think it will but it remains to be seen. But at least they have a plan. They have a direction. There is hope. Those are things that do not exist with the Sox organization at this time.
I think the Sox have a fine plan. Play to win every single year. If that means spending big money on major FA's or trading minor league pieces to grab a necessary piece mid-summer so be it.

No, those acquisitions don't always pay off in immediate dividends and some of them even fall flat on their face, but at least they try to fill needs and go out to grab players who have the potential to help the team succeed. I'll take that over a 5-year rebuild the minor leagues and hope for the best "plan" (read: let the owners pocket a bunch of cash while selling a ton of tickets to morons) crap any day of the week...

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