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Next year should be interesting. The Tigers get Victor Martinez back and will have even more money to spend if they make a deep post season run. One good thing about the Tigers winning the WS is that maybe Ilitch will be satisfied and stop pouring so much money into the team. Who knows, KC may finally get over that hump. Cleveland probably won't improve that much but who knows what will happen if they hire Francona. Minnesota will probably suck again.

I think we will see a lot more of Dunn at 1B next year with Paulie DH'ing more often. Peavy will be gone. Youk and Floyd may be back. They won't rush anyone up from the minors and why would they, just to shed some salary, no way. Catcher might be the biggest question mark. AJ is so durable. Who else is out there that will outperform AJ for his $2-4 million asking price?

I don't think there will be a large dropoff in the season ticket holder base next year because the majority of ST holders probably opted to use their post season ticket money as a deposit for next year. The only other option was to get a refund and lose your seat location for next year. That playoff push or whatever it was called ticket plan will also lock in a few more season ticket holders which should more than offset the cancellations.

While parking is priced way too high there is no reason to complain about ticket prices. The Sox lowered prices in 2012 for all but the best seats in the house plus there were discount codes for almost every game including games like Elvis night and the Yankees. The codes were very easy to find after a quick google search. The days of meaningful walk up sales are over. It's much easier and cheaper to buy tickets from home even a couple of hours before the game.

There should also be more high quality giveaways. Doing so will do nothing but increase the number of tickets sold guranteed.

The Sox need more ticket tiers. Those seats right behind the dugout should not cost the same as tickets in row 37 of sections 121 and 143. The back sections of the UD past the bases and last 10 rows of the outfield should be $10 seats for all games. The lower level corners should be $15, those are not good seats and empty for most games for a reason.

What is really going to hurt ticket sales next year, and has already been discussed is the terrible schedule:

April: 16 home games, no "premiere" matchups
May: 11 home games, 2 vs Cubs and 3 vs Boston (not really a premiere team anymore) and 3 vs Marlins
June: 11 home games, 2 weeknight games again NYM, big whoop
July: 13 home games, 3 vs Braves and only 6 against division rivals whose fans travel well in July
August: 15 home games, 3 vs NYY
September: 14 home games all against division rivals

Those 30 games in April and September will have brutal attendance, April because of school/weather and September because as we just went through even if we are in first place Sox fans do not show up in September. If we were totally out of it then you would have the 1 penny tickets on stubhub for most of the September games.

Marketing could bump it up a bit and McDonough coming over could not hurt but he has a nice job with the Hawks. Maybe he could take over the business side of the Sox with KW running the baseball side? Is Howard Pizer the current person in charge of the business side? I could see the chances of McDonough becoming a reality increase dramatically if there is no NHL season.

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