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Originally Posted by white sox bill View Post
Maybe MLB will allow us to retro some of the 11 runs we scored last night to last week....
I like that plan, Bill.

Seriously, as the Sox faced elimination last night, it finally hit me. Yes, after spending much time in denial, I finally had no choice but to accept the reality of the situation. This morning, I kept thinking: I've been here before; I've felt this pain and disappointment before. Yes, losing sucks and it will take me some time to get over the heartbreaking way that the 2012 Sox season ended. I kept rooting and hoping things would turn out differently for our Sox but they did not. All the bargaining in the world did not help; the Sox play over the last two weeks was beyond awful.

Having said all that, this 2012 Sox season was not a complete and total waste for me. Much to the contrary, actually, I had a wonderful summer and enjoyed watching White Sox baseball. And it was great to have Robin back in a Sox uniform. Thanks to WSI, I met some terrific Sox fans this year; we attended games together and had fun. I watched games with my dad, who is a huge Sox fan, and we even spent some time in a game thread together (something he was curious about). I had meaningful conversation about the Sox here on WSI and elsewhere.

Of course, I wish the outcome had been different and the Sox had made it to the playoffs, but I am one that enjoys the journey. It was a fun season minus the ending. I'll be keeping a close eye on the Sox and their dealings over the long winter that lies ahead and I'll be counting down the days until the Sox Opening Day in April 2013.
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