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THIS year the attendance was doomed because last year's team sucked and they lost a fan favorite like Buehrle while keeping the hated (deservedly so, based on last season) Dunn and Rios, and basically admitted they were "all out" going into the season. They lost a lot of ST holders who could just buy seats for any game they wanted on stubhub for LESS than the plan would cost. The Sox have sold before, so it's NOT location or access to the park (which has actually improved since the last "good" attendance year), it's not school, its' not lack of bars (there's 2 bars built right into the park that people can just walk into, and 3 more if you're a member) for people that like that, etc. They didn't draw because they were, based on 2011, inherently unlikeable as a group. Robin's hiring was taken by some fans as a "we surrender" move, and even though the boys were in first for a long time, and anything can happen in the playoffs; this reminded me of 08. Glad to make it in, knew they'd get wiped out in the first round. I think if they would have at least made the playoffs this year, next years ST base would have grown. Now that they blew it, expect more of the same attendance wise. So, if the Sox build it, I think people will come.
Playoffs? PLAYoffs?
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