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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
Winning baseball and good baseball aren't always the same thing.

Some of our players were good, others are wastes of an at-bat or a pitching appearance. And if you want to discount September, take a look at our season-long player stats. There's maybe 10 guys who stand out and the rest of the 15-20 guys are mediocre at best to borderline awful. I'm not expecting a perfect roster, but there are obvious and eventually fatal flaws.

So often this year we had to sit through bad baseball while we did enough to win at just over a .500 clip.

But I still had fun at the park this year, regardless.
The team was 10-15 games over .500 for pretty much the entire summer. They weren't barely staying afloat. So the team won, but wasn't flashy or whatever, so that is why fans stayed away. I don't get it. If these people need to see 7-0 wins on a regular basis just to be able to enjoy themselves at the ballpark, I reiterate that they need to stop watching baseball and devote themselves to something else.
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