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Originally Posted by SoxFanCPA View Post
The school argument is brutal. The real truth is that everyone realized this team wasn't very good. Yeah they were in 1st for a while but they didn't pass the eye test, so people didn't go.
1) Bull****. The team WAS good. They played winning baseball for most of the year and would have likely would have won the division if not for their total collapse. People who neither understand statistics nor baseball will argue that the last few weeks were regression to the mean, but that's not true at all. "Oh, they are only talented enough to be a few over .500, so that means they will go 11-17 in September and hit something like .100 with RISP over the entire month". It doesn't work out like that. Those people were also wrong about Detroit being so great and being able to turn it on at any minute.

2) The point of watching baseball is to enjoy the game and see winning. I suppose a few clowns were midly peeved that their gloom-and-doom predictions were wrong, so they stayed away from the park and said "daaaah, dese guys suck and dey won't win anyways." Well, even if the team secretly wasn't good and you just knew in your heart of hearts that they would go 11-17 in September, the point is that those fools still missed out on a summer of exciting, winning baseball. You can't count on a playoff team every single year, but any summer where the team plays well, wins, and competes deep into the season is a pretty good one. So some dumbasses said being in first place and winning wasn't enough for them to enjoy a single July game because they thought the team would collapse in September. Well, those people should stop watching baseball all together.
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